Krishna Khadka

‘If talking is the one thing I can do, why not talk for those who cannot’


–Krishna Khadka–

Krishna Khadka

My name is Krishna Khadka. I was born in 1st January 1988 in Sirukharak, Palpa western Nepal. After my Spinal cord injury I came to live at Khagendra New Life Home where I became a spokes person for many of the residents.

Khagendra New Life Home

‘A home base with the best possible care for disabled people, within the given circumstances’

What We Do

Through this website, we like to contribute to the general living conditions at Khagendra by for instance investing in improving the housing facilities, sanitary, hygiene, and activities. This makes the life of residents of Khagendra easier and more fun.

Also what we do is supply seasonal fruits twice a week and eggs ones a week to make sure there is sufficient nutrition for all the residents.

In addition, we help the residents who can no longer carry the costs for Khagendra by circumstances. Similarly, we offer individual sponsorship to residents who, for example, need additional support in the form of study fees or external surveys and monitor the medical supplies needed here add Khagendra.

We are changing lives

Khagendra is an institution for people of all ages who are physically and/or mentally disabled. Khagendra offers permanent care to 80 residents by giving them daily physiotherapy, nursing, and care.

Our Mission

I was lucky with so many good friends helping me in my time of need. It was difficult to keep myself smiling through the years but I also learned that giving up is not an option. Now it is my turn to give back by, helping my friends and fellow residents.
By creating awareness and sharing my story and motivation I hope to make a difference.

~The sun rises every day without any exception~

Sponsoring Residents

The monthly fees for Khagendra are 6000 rupees (about 50 euros) per month. These costs are paid for medical care, shelter and food three times a day.

If you want to sponsor a resident personally please send an email to [email protected]

Bracelets and Dreamcatchers

Some of our residents have the ability to do work and make beautiful Bracelets and Dreamcatchers. These we sell for a fair price and with the profit, we help others at Khagendra.

This has been made possible by Foundation Creative Nepal.

Renovation and Improvements

The building of Khagendra is old and in need of renovations. Together with Foundation Creative Nepal we set up and execute different projects.

With your help, we are able to make Khagendra a better place for all the residents.

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