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‘If talking is the one thing I can do, why not talk for those who cannot’

–Krishna Khadka–

Namaskar my Friend

My name is Krishna Khadka. I’m 30 years old and from Palpa, Nepal. When I was 18 years old I went to Malaysia to work as a housekeeper. I was working for 4 years and had an accident while I was doing exercise upside down. I fell down and became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. My boss and my friends took me to the hospital where I stayed in intensive care for 4 months not knowing what would be the outcome. My live had changed but I wasn’t aware of what it would mean for my future. These 4 months machines kept me alive and after I was moved to a normal ward. Because I was not able to move my body except for my head and the feeling in my body had fully vanished I was rich in pressure sores. Due to the severity of my situation, I lost my voice for 9 months. When I got my voice back I felt extremely happy but nobody was there to listen.

During my accident, my brother was in Korea, just 3 months before he went to Korea to work. He went back to Nepal to secure a place and to bring me back to my home country. It took almost a year before I was able to travel. When I came back to Nepal my brother looked after me very well, all the pressure sores were healed and I could stay in a hospital in my hometown for about a year.

My brother found Khagendra New Life Home where I’m staying now. When I came to Khagendra we were only 12 and now we are more than 80. There was no backup power system and not enough staff to take care of all our needs so I got pressure sores again and even worse than before.
Then Michael came in my life as an angel, he changed my life from hell to heaven. An air mattress was placed on my bed and the pressure sores were taken care of. It was just in time because I was barely hanging on to life. Michael also introduced me to Monique. All the things I can do today and the ability to operate my iPad myself was because of Monique. She provided an iPad holder and the helmet so I can do everything on my iPad like a normal person. Monique also provided me with colostomy bags since 5 years. Through the years I came to realize that miraculously my life was not over and I had to change the way I was thinking.
It took some time and talks with friends and fellow residents but I also realized it was time to do something for my friends and I became a spoke person. ‘If talking is the one thing I can do, why not talk for those who can not’.

Today about 13 people are getting sponsor via me and I organized to bring 9 electric chairs for my friends and 2 four-wheeled scooters.
My aim is to be a motivational speaker and help as many people in need as I possibly can.

My Mission

I was lucky with so many good friends helping me in my time of need. It was difficult to keep myself smiling through the years but I also learned that giving up is not an option. Now it is my turn to give back by, helping my friends and fellow residents.

By creating awareness and sharing my story and motivation  I hope to make a difference.
The sun rises every day without any exception.

With your help

Working together makes any task easier. Through this website I would like to share my story and the story of those who need the assistance to live a full life. 

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