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–Making life easier at Khagendra New Life Home–

A safer and cleaner Khagendra

The building of Khagendra is old and in need of renovations. Together with Foundation Creative Nepal we set up and execute different projects to make the lives of our residents more comfortable.

With your help, we are able to make Khagendra a better place for all the residents.

Four-wheel scooters at Khagendra

Some of the residents at Khagendra have work outside the door or go to school or college. The nearby school is specially designed for people with a disability. For those who want to study after primary school, it’s more difficult. Colleges in the neighborhood are hard to access. For Dinesh (paraplegic) sponsored by Foundation Petit Mon and Foundation Maha Mata Netherlands. Puspa (paraplegic) sponsored by Foundation Petit Mon. Jenisha (paraplegic) sponsored by Trish. Rajani (paraplegic) sponsored by Foundation Petit Mon. Tej bahadur Magar (paraplegic) sponsored by Paula Morris and Himself Sunil ( polio) sponsored by Paula Morris a four-wheel scooter was the best solution. Now they can go to a wheelchair friendly college and pursue their studies. Sponsoring and promotion for this project has been made possible by Douwe Kiran Foundation Creative Nepal

In 2020, a four-wheel scooter for Laxman is on the schedule. If you want to support pleace contact:

Raised beds for Gardening at Khagendra

We made a couple of raised beds. The idea was from my friend Douwe Kiran, the idea is to grow vegetables and in raised beds wheelchair users can grow vegetables easily. My friends are happy to grow green vegetables on the raised beds and there are lots of tomatoes, coriander growing. Huge thanks to Foundation Creative Nepal,  Foundation ProActief Nepal Graeme Kent and Michael. We would like to thank Nuria Carbo of Foundation Petit-Mon for selling our products and helping us to make us able to do these projects. 

Courtyard at Khagendra

We have made the courtyard in our backyard. The idea is to make easier for all the wheelchair users to go there and enjoy the sun in winter and dry their clothes. Also we wheelchair users can practice basketball there. Everybody are happy to go there and enjoying sun and boys and girls are playing basketball there. Huge thanks goes to Douwe Kiran for this idea and also thanks to Foundation Creative Nepal,  Foundation ProActief Nepal and Michael for your collaboration. We also like to thank to Nuria Carbo of Foundation Petit-Mon for selling our products and supporting us to do all these projects. We heartily appreciate your support. 

Cleanup and construction of and waste cabin at Khagendra

Normally, every week waste is cleared at Khagendra. That is the rule but unfortunately, this rule has exceptions. With regularity, the trash is so high that there’s a pretty mountain in the yard. With a result that dogs, cats, and birds open the bags. To prevent this we build a small garbage house with leftover material we had. now the trash is behind lock and key and cannot be accessed by animals. As an extra win, we could use old material that was lying around so the costs are low and the garden is clean. Thanks to Naill and Sonia from spain and Foundation Creative Nepal.

“The Box’ at Khagendra

“The Box” like the space at Khagendra, where about a 11 distant disabled people are staying during the day, was a thorn in the eye for any visitor and, of course, an unpleasant place to stay for the residents. This really had to be changed. Thanks to the  sponsorship group of Foundation ProActief Nepal, we have been able to make a huge difference in the lives of these residents this year. Namely, a new ceiling, white and blue painted construction and better lighting were step one. Pillows, and curtains along with some decoration complete the whole thing. Sponsoring and promotion for this project has been made possible by Douwe Kiran Foundation Creative Nepal

The next step is to improve the washing area and the showering part.

Solar-boilers at Khagendra

Especially in the winter months, it can be pretty cold in Nepal. During the day it’s nice in the sun, but in the buildings, it is still pretty cold. Hot water is a necessity, to wash, shower and clean. The hot water facilities in Nepal are usually by solar boilers. Where Khagendra was originally built for 35 residents and so also the hot water supply, it was no longer sufficient for the 77 occupants at the moment. We are pleased that we have been able to place an enlargement of two professional installations this year. So that in all the shower rooms, washrooms, and the kitchen is enough hot water.

The new Solar-boilers were made possible by Foundation Creative Nepal and First Chance Nepal

Renovation rooms at Khagendra

There are several people with severe mental disabilities living at Khagendra. The care for this group is difficult to realize since the staff are not trained for cases like this. Also, the living space, bedroom, and other facilities are insufficient. Fortunately, we have been able to adjust the dorm of the living area this year. At least they now have a nice room that’s fresh, clean and more accessible.

We thank the people of the March 2019 sponsor trip of  Foundation ProActief Nepal for making this possible. Sponsoring and promotion for this project has been made possible by Douwe Kiran Foundation Creative Nepal

Sanitation, Khagendra (fase 2)

Where we were able to make a nice start in 2018 with the renewal and improvement of sanitation, we were able to complete phase 2 in 2019. The main 5 sanitary rooms for residents are now done. We do this project in stages because we want to make sure it works and is suitable for all the residents. In this way, we can adopt the best solution in every room. For 2020 we will have 2 more spaces on the agenda. Sponsoring and promotion for this project has been made possible by Douwe Kiran Foundation Creative Nepal

A part of the sponsorship for these rooms is donated, a remaining sum of ± €1750,-, is still needed. If you want to support pleace contact:

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